Goodwill Limelight

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AUCH Goodwill Limelight, ”Chip”
Hd grad A

Tillsammans med Anna-Karin på Illbattingens kennel, Finland,  importerad vi frusen sperma från Chip.
När jag var i Australien 2009 så träffade jag båda Chips föräldrar och det var ytterst trevliga individer trots att de började vara ganska gamla då!

Chips ägare beskriver honom så här:
”Everyone loves Chip! He is a real live wire, full of energy, but even for all his exhuberance he is obedient. He is great with people and other dogs. He can put on the act an be tuff with other males sometimes. He will retrive a kong ball for you.

He is a chocolate coloured kelpie with a bright and alert expression! He has a beautiful top line and gaits with power and drive. He is an extravert dog with an exuberant personality.
Chip has a beautiful and happy nature and is very willing to please. He is a pleasure to own and we enjoy his antics and personality always!”

Chip har fått två kullar i Sverige, en hos kennel Meringa
En kull hos Busligans kennel, från den kullen har vi Busligans Böna på foder.